CubIQ is a puzzle game that challenges your intuition and intelligence. The gameplay is easy: you have a bunch of cubes on a table and you must bring them in the position described on the solution table on the upper-left corner. To do that, you must press the arrows on the table, but be careful, the arrow will slide a whole line of cubes, not just one cube, so you must think well before pressing the arrows. And one more thing: you can slide the cubes from a line only if ALL cubes can be moved, otherwise if one cubes can not be moved they wont slide.

This is standard gameplay. From time to time, after you solve a level, some BONUS levels will appear. In these levels the cubes will appear when you press arrows on two corners of the table and you must align at least 4 cubes of the same color to make them dissapear and to win points. If you align more than 4 cubes, you will get your points doubled for every added cube. You can play a bonus level for up to 5 minutes maximum and the best score will be recorded.

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General information - CubIQ
File size:2.3Mb
Requirements:Pentium 300MMX or higher
Limitations:30 Day
Developer:I-Nova Games Team
Home page:CubIQ

CubIQ is a puzzle game that challenges your intuition and intelligence.
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